Starting The Conversation In The Classroom

The mission at I’m Enough is to bring the power of self confidence, validation and self worth to young people in Aotearoa, particularly when it comes to the online world. We realise that the majority of a young person’s life is spent in school halls. That’s why we decided to compile this page as a place where anyone, students and teachers alike, can access these helpful resources! This page is designed to be accessed, adapted and introduced into the classroom to help facilitate a healthy, open talk about life as a young Kiwi online.

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1. 30-Day Self Worth Challenge

Give yourself a rating out of 10 on Day 1.

Every morning of the Challenge, when you wake up, repeat a positive mantra to yourself – like our favourite three words, “I am enough” (it can be anything that makes you feel and recognise your self worth!)

At the end of the 30th day, rate yourself out of 10 again.

Has there been a change in the way you see yourself? See if you can shift your self belief, self worth and mindset in a positive direction.

2. Pornography Online

In the age of the Internet, it’s so easy to just Google whenever we need the answer to a question, or to satisfy our curiosity. Because of this, we end up relying on the Internet as our encyclopaedia. But we can’t fact-check the Internet when we’re seeking important information. That’s why young people should seek information about sex and sexual relationships from reliable sources – not from pornography online. It’s time to deconstruct the false ideas of sex that come from pornography so our youths don’t come to expect a “perfect” body or experience from sexual relationships.

3. Opinion Piece From a Teen – Self-Image Online

It’s one thing to hear from grown-ups about how we should consider our self-image – after all, they’re far removed from the world of the modern young person. So why not hear from a teen about how they feel?

4. Deliberate Self Harm

Deliberate self harm is a kind of emotional coping strategy. It can take many forms – pretty much any way that a person causes pain or discomfort in order to feel in control of overwhelming feelings. No one should ever feel like they have to hurt in order to stay in control. Listen to what expert Dr Fran Brinn has to say about this prevalent issue among young people.

5. A link between mental health and time online – Social Networking & Mental Health

If you’re a young person in today’s society, spending time online is as deeply ingrained into our routine as brushing our teeth or having a shower. Make sure you are aware of the evidence showing links between the deterioration of mental health and time spent online.

6. If Self Love Called You Right Now, What Would Your Answer Be?

Can you stop scrolling long enough to consider how social media affects your self worth?

Self love is calling. Don’t let it go to voicemail.

7. Narcissism: Social Media’s Secret Weapon

“Double taps on your Instagram selfie do not and cannot compare to hard work, achievement and all that is true about a person. True connection is between brain and heart, not eyes alone. So please think if you are feeding the narcissistic monster inside of you each time you open up your app, and consider opening up your interpersonal social world instead.”

Hear more from I’m Enough’s fantastic expert Dr Fran Brinn on the narcissist in all of us.

8. How Important Is The Number Of Followers Online?

Having a bigger number of followers than the next Instagrammer can feel like a real achievement in this day and age. But what real value does it have to know that thousands of strangers are waiting for your breakfast pics and gym selfies? It can’t be equated to a tally such as how many good deeds are done for a fellow person, how many achievements you’ve made at work or school or how much progress you’ve made towards living your dream. Let’s talk about it.

9. A lonely world

Let’s talk about these images. Just imagine for one moment how less lonely these folks would appear if they turned their gaze away from their screens and towards one another.

Photographer Eric Pickersgill has created “Removed,” a series of photos to remind us of the impact of a mobile device or cell phone… The results are a bit sad and eerie—and a reminder that we are perhaps spending too much time in the online world. A consideration that it is perhaps the time to put our phones away.

10. Why “I’m enough”?

Our newest generation of budding youths are the first to grow up in the limelight of today’s social media hurricane. It’s our duty to make sure they understand the risks and pitfalls of a life led entirely online – growing up is hard enough as it is without the complex digital world getting in the mix!

11. How to stop bullying

Bullying Is something that has always happened, but the reach and effect can be a lot larger with the power of social media

Most children and some adults don’t understand what is really going on. Here is more detail of the actual event:

But what is Bullying?

Bullying is a form of aggression that involves an imbalance of power. It is characterized by behaviours such as teasing, taunting, threatening, name-calling, physical violence or other types of emotional abuse.

12. Kate Winslet Inspirational Video

It feels pretty good to say that. I’m worth it.

It’s a magic that phrase. And I’m sure you’re probably thinking that’s easy for her to say. She’s been sat in hair and makeup for hours to look like that. Of course she feels worth it. Because beauty can feel like a superpower. Right?

But this has to come off at some point. So the tricky part. The really tricky part for all of us is knowing how to feel worth it without any of this because let’s be honest, I really don’t look like this all the time. I mean, who does?

Don’t forget to check out our printable activities to practice caring for your self worth!

IMPORTANT: Any materials accessed online, including I’m Enough content, should be suitably adapted for your particular classroom environment. This page has been compiled based on the top topics of interest on the I’m Enough website and shared with positive intent.