What’s in a name?

You are Enough: Real life stories, podcasts, blogs, and experiences.

Our sharing of stories, coping strategies for anxiety and practical tips for a happier life are provided as resources for YOU.

If you are in need of immediate support and assistance, or believe that a life is in danger, please contact one of these help agencies.

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What is I’m Enough all about?

  • I’m Enough was created to help increase awareness about the digital world, our youth and the impact of the digital space on our youth
  • I’m Enough explores coping strategies for issues such as digital anxiety and digital depression
  • I’m Enough wants to provide you with the facts, the stats and the support you need to understand the digital space and its impact on Kiwi youth

Programs for schools

  • I’m Enough is currently working towards establishing a 10-week programme to support teens and young adults. We are aiming to provide steps to learn self-help practices and coping strategies for young people experiencing painful, negative and/or stressful situations in the digital space.
  • We love to get hands-on with our youth and work together with them to reach lasting healthy solutions.

Ambassadors – Professionals, Pre-Teens and Teens

  • I’m Enough has drawn folks from all walks of life who feel they or someone they love has been impacted by negative digital experiences. These painful experiences can leave a significant impression on those who are exposed to them. That’s why our ambassadors are so understanding, empathetic and full of good advice! They have been through the wars and can impart some real wisdom on how to cope with the fast-paced digital environment and the difficulties we can experience when overwhelmed or attacked by others and our own minds.

School, corporate and public talks

  • Our I’m Enough team members and professional supporters can be booked for school, corporate and public talks.
  • There are many aspects of the digital world that need to be discussed with our young people as they come into this vast expanse. It’s time to #starttheconversation.
  • You can help us keep the national conversation going by recommending I’m Enough to your PTA, social club gathering or conference.

Fundraising and Advocacy

  • Digital addiction, digital anxiety, building resilience and self-belief systems that you are enough are serious topics of conversation.
  • I’m Enough provides awareness drives and advocacy.
  • We will continue to raise awareness and bring communities together to continue the conversation.
  • There are times that we are called upon to support families in need.
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I am not alone in how I feel about this online world and how it impacts me.
I know, that no matter how I feel today, it will be okay.