Our Mission

I’m Enough is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping individuals recognise the wide-reaching impact of  digital addiction, digital anxiety, it’s potential causes and to provide down to earth discussions and strategies that may support an individual. Our sponsors and experts are focused on sharing their experiences, along with trusted techniques and strategies that can help overcome or and reduce stress.

I’m Enough’s objective is to provide mindset support and practical suggestions. We aim to assist you to maximise your digital resilience, improve your happiness and reduce anxiety.

In simple words – placing a perspective on the Likes, Shares, Comments, and Followers we hold in such high regard.

sponsors and experts

We support technology, we support change and we embrace social media. In fact, our founder runs a digital marketing agency, helping international businesses to embrace technology in a healthy and effective way.

That said, we also know that something has to be done to counteract the rising prevalence of mental health concern in our communities.
I’m Enough focuses on coping strategies shared by our experts in areas of resilience to reduce the impacts of the digital world on anxiety and stress levels.

This isn’t a place to offer medical support for unique questions. We understand the severe implications of anxiety and depression.

Why I’m Enough – A Message from our Founder

My name is Cathy Mellett. I have worked in technology for many years and am the owner of a Digital Agency.

I have seen communication change with the introduction of new technologies and social tools. This will continue to impact on the way people communicate with others. There are huge positives to embracing the online space – In fact, I promote these at many levels with my clients.

The most immediate benefit is the ease with which we connect and reach out to others, with immediate effect.

“I am all for change and certainly embrace change.”

The ever-changing way we interact has brought incredible good to our communities – but nothing is perfect and there are downsides.

Developing personal strategies to cope is essential.

How should you address a constant infiltration of devices, messages, expectations, and demands on yourself, your personal image and your brand? Digital communication certainly isn’t perfect when doctors see more patients with anxiety and self-esteem issues than ever before.

I am concerned about the impact that infiltrating technology has as it takes place in a person’s mind to use as a measure of their own self-worth.

“I’m Enough was created to support you. To develop positive strategies for you to use when you feeling out of balance. To avoid the spiral into low self-esteem, questioning of your validity and instead reaffirming your feeling of worth.”

I’m Enough – Digital Strategies for young people and those that care about them.

How can stress and anxiety arise from the internet?

Fear of Inadequacy

People are feeling anxious when they’re unable to reply to a message, or if someone hasn’t responded to them in a short timeframe.
The feelings of insecurity, uncertainty, and questioning that results when an image is placed online.
The anxiety felt when it doesn’t achieve the desired level of likes or comments.
The internalising of a like counter and the inward questioning of their own personal value to their followers.

Fake Is the New Real

Why else would we have a public profile, showing our popularity with perfect images and a private profile that is only accessible to our closest friends, sharing our true moments?

Fake Friends Sharing Without Consent

Cyberbullying creates so much personal anguish, which can lead to the same questions being asked about being accepted and being worthy.

Friendships Are Pushed to The Limit

What happens when a 12-year-old is trying to help their friend through suicidal thoughts? Or a teen is helping a friend to cope with online bullying, and the friend feels like life is too much to deal with? If the worst-case scenario happens to the person struggling with their mental health, will that result in the helpful friend suffering survivors guilt for life?

Failure is real and visible in the online world.

Epic fails are recorded, saved and available forever.

I see this every day and felt we needed to seek change.

Many of us felt uneasy with ourselves during those teen years, but the reality is our younger people go through the same struggles, with a digital magnifying glass placed squarely above them.

Social Media is a reality and it is here to stay. My stance is certainly not to stop using it!

There are so many organisations doing a wonderful job of supporting our communities. Most often this job is done once our young person is at the depths of their self-validation, stress, and their battle against depression, anxiety or self-harm.

I’m Enough asks:
What could happen if we gave each person tools to diminish the anxiety, reduce fear and build a collection of resources:

To achieve true resilience?
To become a helpful ally at the top of the cliff?
To change how we react to online experiences?

I’m Enough has the pure desire to bring about positive change in how young people deal with digital life.