Resilience In Kiwi Kids

This series is designed to raise awareness and provide actionable strategies and solutions to help kiwi kids be more confident & resilient. Our goal is to provide informative & inspirational online interview discussions with a series of parenting experts as well as gaining insight and ideas from kids themselves. We will be covering topics related to the concept of ‘I’m enough’ including: Responding to and reducing anxiety, bullying & loneliness, raising confidence, resilience & self-belief, navigating friendships and more.

I’m Enough is a New Zealand Charity focused on Digital Coping Strategies for Young People and those that care about them. So, Let’s start a conversation…

Building resilience in kiwi kids | Fundraising Project

Cathy Mellett | Founder’s Message

Who is Cam Calkoen? | Inspirational Speaker NZ

Be awesome! And raise yourself to believe it with Cam Calkoen

Michael Hempseed | Overcoming Fear Of Failure

Who do you let into your world | Caitlyn

Down time and screen addiction | Dr Fran Brinn

The emotional connection to technology addiction | Deborah Workman

Being vulnerable and asking the right questions | Adam Harris

Mindfulness & Being Present | Brian Berneman

Friendship & Loneliness | Ellie Bambury

The Importance of Sleep on Learning & Life | Karen Tui Boyes

Rules and Boundaries | Jacqlin Richards

5 Hacks to Help your Family manage their tech time | Cat Coluccio

Decision Making | Monica Moore

Reducing FOMO and Living in the Moment | Greg Ward

Raising resilience through sports | Kimberley Ramsay Reid

Screen time, anxiety and depression | Cat Levine

How to reduce the impact on your body of too much tech | Gracela Gregorio

Online bullying & what to do about it | Amanda Betts

Parenting in an Over indulgent world | Madeleine Taylor

How To Tame Your Inner Critic | Sharleen Greer

More speakers coming through the week!

imenough more speakers

We are in a Match Program. All donations raised will be doubled by Healing Hands for a limited time only. Every small donation helps run our programs in schools.