It feels pretty good to say that. I’m worth it.

It’s a magic that phrase. And I’m sure you’re probably thinking that’s easy for her to say. She’s been sat in hair and makeup for hours to look like that. Of course she feels worth it. Because beauty can feel like a superpower. Right?

But this has to come off at some point. So the tricky part. The really tricky part for all of us is knowing how to feel worth it without any of this because let’s be honest, I really don’t look like this all the time. I mean, who does?

So, so then is what’s left worth it. When we’re younger, we often think that worth is all about our face, or our body shape, or how much attention we get or how popular we are or how many likes you get compared to your friends.

But it’s not about any of that. I’m worth it is about owning your right to be you to stand in your truth with your body, your skin and your face, which is going to change as the year’s pass. That’s just a fact. But feeling brave enough to believe that you are worth it is something we can all help each other to do.

And it’s easier said than done. We’ve all got things that we criticize in ourselves and that we sometimes want to change or compare to others, our scars, and imperfections and our differences.

But all of those things make us exactly who we are. And perhaps as we all walk through the world, we can show up for each other without judgment, whatever our differences and however you identify because in unity and with acceptance, we can be greater together. So let’s lean on one another, celebrate each other and know that with or without the maker, being you being authentically you is all that matters. And that’s worth it.

So look in the mirror. However you are right now. Whatever your hangups or your goals might be, put them aside for one second and let’s try this together.

Take a moment I’m worth it. Say it again. I’m worth it because you are.