Have you every stopped to really think about the information, the pictures or videos you share on social media?

Social media is a funny place to be. It”s a place where we all sit alone on our devices and still it makes us feel like we are surrounded by a sea of people who are all paying attention to you. It’s a place where we all go to share the pictures of the things we love, the moments we charish and the selfies from the days our make up looked just a little more flawless. But with the same token we also need to think about how this will personally impact our life.

While social media gives you that little boost you need to get through the day and feel included, lets really think about what we allow to be recorded, videoed or photographed on social media.

In this video, Cathy Mellett, the founder of I’m enough shares her thoughts on how social media can be looked at as a set of traffic lights and how we can all live in those traffic light moments and how oversharing on social media can actually have an impact on your life.

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