The I’m Enough Launch Keynote by Cathy Mellett (Charity Founder)

The sixth annual social media conference was held at SkyCity (Auckland, New Zealand) where delegates and attendees from around the world gathered to learn from social media celebrities and experts while networking with a talented community.

Each talk and keynote was recorded.  Cathy Mellett shared her  ”Why” as she discussed her vast experience in the social media and digital marketing environment, her view on the use of social media by our children, teens, and young people and her concern about the current medical scenario’s playing out in our medical and health care rooms across the country.

The I’m Enough Launch Video


The I’m Enough Launch Keynote Transcript

To support the video, we have included a transcript of the I’m Enough Keynote Presentation for your review.



So, let’s embrace technology and counter out the emotional destabilisers than could hold you back.

I’m Enough’s focus is on the rebalancing of emotional stress. We share tips brought to you by our team of medical doctors, insight delivered by leading practitioners and real-world examples of online experiences from this generation. We thank all our presenters and supporters for their ongoing contributions and support.


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