Take a moment to think about how much time a day you spend on any digital platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat. Now continue to reflect on what you really do every minute you invest in these apps. You may be constantly exposed to photos of celebrities, models or new trends that could make you want to have the life that all those influencers that you follow day by day have, all those likes, all that beauty. But ask yourself this question: Do I feel enough when I see those pictures?

Just let us say: You are more than enough! Your self-worth is not determined by the amount of likes, followers, friends, or retweets on your social media. You don’t need likes or followers to tell you your worth and how important you are to the people you love! There is so much more to life than your number of interactions on your social accounts.

Take a deep breath and then watch the below video, with an important message from the motivational speaker Prince Ea – It is probably the most important video you will watch this year.

Self-Love is calling now! Take a minute to talk to it.

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