Sarah is a Certified Mastery level Holistic Health Coach through the Health Coach Institute. She specializes in body image and intuitive eating, helping her clients break free from body shame and restrictive eating to live their most bold, authentic lives.

Sarah combines principles of intuitive eating, health at every size, self-compassion, transformational coaching techniques, and energy healing to support her clients to re-build trust with their body and themselves so that they can unapologetically share their gifts with the world.

As a NZ age-group representative triathlete and personal trainer, Sarah took "physical health" to the extreme. This led to highly restrictive eating habits, an obsession with weight, and the loss of her period for over 4 years. When she sustained a stress fracture in 2016, she was forced to look at what it really meant to be healthy and began the long and deeply challenging process of regaining her period and healing her relationship with food and her body. Through her own healing journey, working with her own personal coaches, studying different modalities, and traveling solo for 9 months she was able to reclaim her identity and worth from her body. Four years ago, Sarah never would have imagined it was possible to feel the way she does in her body today, which is why she is so passionate about seeing other women find freedom in their bodies and their lives.