Cathy Mellett

Mother, Founder, and owner of a digital company, Net Branding.

My name is Cathy Mellett. I have worked in technology for many years and am the owner of a Digital Agency.  I have seen communication change with the introduction of new technologies and social tools. This will continue to impact on the way people communicate with others. There are huge positives in embracing the online space – In fact, I promote these at many levels with my clients.

The most immediate benefit is the ease with which we connect and reach out to others, with immediate effect.  “I am all for change and certainly embrace change.”

The ever-changing way we interact has brought incredible good to our communities – but nothing is perfect and there are downsides.

Developing personal strategies to cope is essential.

How should you address a constant infiltration of devices, messages, expectations, and demands on yourself, your personal image and your brand? Digital communication certainly isn’t perfect when doctors see more patients with anxiety and self-esteem issues than ever before.

I am concerned about the impact that infiltrating technology takes place in a person’s mindset as a metric of their own self-worth.

I’m Enough was created to support you. To develop positive strategies for you to use when you feeling out of balance. To avoid the spiral into low self-esteem, questioning of your validity and instead reaffirming your feeling of worth.”

I’m Enough – Digital Strategies for those young people and those that care about them.

If you interested in finding out more about I'm Enough whether in a supporter role or as a teen volunteer, please reach out to me via the I'm Enough Website.

  • Cathy Mellett